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Around the World

Over the years,
visiting many new places...
Connect all these peculiar clues,
and find out about another adventure!

Replenishing structure blocked by a bear
Forbidden hunter tool creating loud forceful sounds
Aggressive dwarves protect this bell
Half Medusa Half Mermaid giant sea monster
This place has a Rat Problem
Heavenly building used to activate two powerful runes
Swamp land with dragon bones
Potential Princess Sightings near by two imposing mountains
A royalty's large eight legged arachnid pet
Bird assassin located at a church
She and her five children roar loudly
Exchange crystals for hearts in this bunker
Armed with hand-me-down tools, restore this barren land
Climb lighthouse to his brain
Detonate this shard to split some light
Climb tower filled with madness
Find a Scary Face here
Cave to catch baggy clothed pocket monster
Armor of loyal labyrinth watchers
Rewire both risk and money here
Sanctuary for numerous dissidents, marginal people, and fringe dwellers
Magic releasing a maddening shriek which drives people insane
Doctor's medical gel formula delivery location
Statue of this magnificent king
Lost and Found items here
120 floors of rocks, treasures, and enemies
Haven for outlaws due to its meager resources
Report to the head honcho's grand office
Journey through this haunted train
Third time meeting this porcine, greedy shop keeper
Mission recovering artifact for a particle-rifle weapon
Weather controlling rival to the champion
Remains of killer whale hidden within this reef
Cleanest sea fort occupied by phantoms
Newlywed equipped with a colorful parasol
Investigate Cerberus's new secret lab
Borrow some marine desert transportation here
Island with a shark shrine
Water filled shrine littered with shipwreck debris
One million souls open this gate
Sword made of light ability
Student of sorcery needing some runes
Sage of Water item that provides a hefty shield
Help pyromancers subdue this animated storm
Small child alone with a tiny music box

(4 5 2)
(5 4)
(3 6 2 5 5 2 3 7)
(4 6 1)
(3 6 9)
(3 3 3 4 2 3 5)
(7 5 3 6)
(11 1)
(3 2 7)
(7 6)