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Careful when climbing this fence—some parts stick out.

A copyable spreadsheet is available for convenience. This note is not part of the puzzle.
1Mouse sensitivity meas.You can count on these
Crooked (archaic)Destroy (a marriage)
Won a single slam each year from '18 to '21Latin for at
FateKey ingredient in borscht
A group of skilled workersLive fight in a ring
2Brine-bounded Man?Like building IKEA furniture
Derivative of vommaWar, murder, and revenge are in this early Malkovich film
Major hip veinArabic leader
The common cold or food poisoning, for exampleRoman helmet
3Save an hr. in spr. with thisRecursive acronym or bovid
Simba's mateBrand of both big and small truck
Kevin Mitnick was famous for cyber___"___ my case." (2 wds)
How do you solve a problem like her?New name of South West Africa
SpedLike Cyrano?
4Rental agreementFirst major civilization in Mexico
Chief of Staff AlexanderWhat barbers and strippers both have?
Character voiced by Zach EisenMr. Robot's first name?
Great (free) souvenirs from WrigleyPositive or negative factor
5Smooth talking while substancelessPizza chain originating in Brooklyn
US resource for the disabled, destitute, or elderlyWhen you break your nose, but not the bone, you have a ___ fracture
Sticks' or bananas' groupCash's boy's name?