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Weaving back and forth through the forest, forced to turn whenever you reach the edge, you find some cryptic messages. Most were just torn in half, but some...

A copyable spreadsheet is available for convenience. This note is not part of the puzzle.
14← 49↑
18↓ 11←44↑
19↓ 33↓ 37↓
13↓ 24→ 27→
51↓ 16↓46→ 12↑ 17→
26↑ 47→
29↓ 34→
10 semicircular arcs, forming a circle that looks like a flower (the arcs curve outward away from the center of the circle). The topmost arc is centered around the bilateral axis of symmetry of the flower shape. A red arrow runs counterclockwise; it starts at the point where the topmost arc intersects with its counterclockwise neighbor, then runs around the circle (going through the points where the arcs intersect each other), and ends where the topmost arc intersects with its clockwise neighbor.
1Main vessel's pennants1Romeo's messaging device
2Pregnancy in Greece's2Originally penned by aliens
3Mermaid's fear3Confine Aberdeen
4Airlike substances hidden4Eggs, say
5Cooks shortening into pears5European retreating
6Truly giant doe6In rock is ore
7Strange estates bar7Reads regularly
8"Rocky IV" soundtrack leads8One wreck
9Not containing harp9Border post
10Card deck's cut10Finally gets halved
11Run around11Cool, slangily
12Half of peel splitting12Broken Seine bridge maneuver
13Intensify beyond river13From egg
14Paths inside14Surrounding ancient church
15Child makes system15I eluded constituents
16Second space age16Single French patty
17Herb from Sierra Nevada17Regret Indian currency
18Loud friend18Bullet section
19Bothered and confused19Endless month
20Hollows first company's positions20Argon detection
21Runs off southeast21In Galaga session
22Unrivaled standard writer22Leader and knight's dog
23Small isle in Super Mario23Sunshine that's out of bounds
24Process which breaks on reordering24Turned to wave
25Uses up fluid25Negative bores Gaiman
26Deadly hallway26LTE speed
27Initially face south through27Flipped headless fish
28Spiel containing advice28Reputation breaking free
29Foreign letters' addresses29Store keys loudly
30Fruit's fourth bed30A fly from Africa